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JM Customized

(Pre-order, non-refundable) JIMU D+ v2.0 Custom Color Addon

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Custom Color Addon for D+ v2.0 cases. Purchase this if you want to order custom painting for your case.

We will try our best to match the color you have chosen, but please understand that we will not be able to perfectly reproduce the color as there might be some slight color difference.

Specify the color that you want at checkout, or contact us at Discord. Alternatively, you can email us at with your order ID to attach images/specify details of the color that you want.

Note that this is not a physical product by itself, and is only valid when purchased with a D+ v2.0 package.

If you erroneously purchased this product, we can refund you within 24 hours of purchase time provided that you pay for processing fees which totals up to 6.4% + $6.30.