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(In Stock) JIMU D+ v2.0 - Basic Package

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This package is the skeleton of all other packages. It is suitable for ITX enthusiast who are looking for the smallest air-cooled sandwich layout configuration there is to offer by the D+ 2.0.

This package does not contain a PCIe riser, it will need to be purchased separately.

Size: 340 x 140 x 190 (9L)

Material: Aluminum Alloy + SECC

CPU Min/Max Height (configured*): 50.5mm/92mm

GPU Min/Max Dimensions (configured*): 333 x 21/68 x 151


Fans: 2x 120x15 slim fans

Motherboard: ITX/DTX

Storage Support: 8x 2.5in SSD

*Configured - Means maximum thickness/height available when you shrink the other side. e.g When GPU thickness is at its minimum, the CPU side will have a maximum height of 92mm and vice versa.