(Conversion Kit) Package B

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(Conversion Kit) Package B

Sale price$109.00
Include Single Piece Front Panel:

Include Single Piece Front Panel

Convert From:

Convert From


A kit to convert your package into the B layout. 

Note that this is not an entire case, it is a conversion kit for customers who already own the case.

B layout info: https://store.jmcustomized.com/products/jimu-d-v2-0-package-b


Option explanations:

1) Include Single Piece Front Panel (only applicable for Package A owners): select yes/no depending on whether you want the single-piece front panel, or to keep the current appearance.

2) Convert From: which package do you currently own.

Do also note that as these conversion kits are anodized in different batches, there may be color differences when compared to your existing case.